COVID Protocols & Patient Safety

Here at Dr. Rand Lee Family Dentistry, we take not just your oral heath, but your overall health seriously. Since the rise of COVID-19 we have improved our cleaning, screening and intake procedures to minimize the spread of illness.

As medical professionals, Dr. Rand and Terri Lee are both fully vaccinated and up-to-date on their COVID-19 booster.

Our precautions include…

5hrs cleaning daily

Daily surface microbanning

HEPPA filtration for the building and individual operatories

Confirmation calls check for symptoms

When You Arrive

1. Call 262-694-6055

Let us know you’ve arrived. You’ll be given the option to remain in your vehicle or take a seat in the reception area until the staff is ready for you.

2. Mask up

Masks are required when entering and leaving our offices. If you’ve forgotten your mask, one will be provided for you.

3. You'll be invited in

If you choose to remain in your vehicle, we will call you to invite you in for your appointment, after completion of required operatory cleaning.

Exceptional dental care is just a phone call away

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